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Case Studies

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Case Study

Our reference customers
in e-Transport Solutions markets

Master supply agreements with recurring annual deliveries

Custom-designed battery packs for fleet of commercial vehicles based on  100% Leclanché technologies

Energy storage solutions for smart charging infrastructure

Fleet management software

  • High energy and high cycle life cells reduce overall total cost of ownership for fleet vehicle operations
  • Inhouse cell to software ownership enables cost competitive battery packs for Electric Vehicles (EV) of any size, range, and life time requirements
  • Accelerating EV adoption by addressing key concerns of high capex and range anxiety
  • Lower capacity on-board battery pack, smartly coupled with intelligent charging infrastructure that includes fast charging stations and battery swapping station

Case Study

Our reference customers in
Stationary Solutions markets

Milestone of 100MWh projects completed in 2018

Comprehensive set of software and controls in the in-house Energy Management Software

EPC Turnkey solution for wide range of storage applications

  • PV integration in distribution grid:
    EPFL/ Romande Energy, Switzerland
  • Micro-grid integrating wind and solar, with diesel gen set as backup, in island mode: Graciolica, Graciosa, Portugal
  • Commercial and industrial customer:
    NRStor Oakville, Ontario Canada
  • Utility grid-tied frequency regulation and ancillary services: Ellwood, Canadian Solar; Cremzow, Berlin Germany; Marengo, Chicago USA; Basin 1&2, Toronto Canada; SWB, Germany; S4Energy, Netherlands

Marengo Project


COD: Dec-2018

  • Project: Marengo Project
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
  • Size: 20 MW / 19.5 MWh
  • Application: Grid frequency regulation (RegD)
  • Status: In operations
  • COD: Q4 2018
  • Scope: Turn-key EPC contract
  • Controls: Third-Party – Greensmith

NRStor Oakville Project


COD: Aug-2018

  • Project: NRStor C&I – Oakville
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Size: 2.0 MW / 4.9 MWh
  • Application: Peak charge reduction (global adjustment)
  • Status: In operations
  • COD: 3Q/2018
  • Scope: Turn-key EPC contract
  • Controls: Leclanche EMS / Leclanche Fleet Mgmt System

Graciolica, 6MW / 3.2MWh

Azores, Portugal

“Graciosa’s electricity grid already runs 20% green energy. And when Graciólica’s project is fully completed, Graciosa will be the only island in the world with 70% renewable energy.”

Correio dos Açores,
Aug-25 -2018

“…..Leclanché worked impressively to deliver the BESS before the end of 2015 which enabled, along with other key investments, us to secure a EUR 5m non-refundable subsidy. An extension for completing the project was obtained until the end of 2016. Leclanché commissioned the BESS during 2016 however other parts of the hybrid renewable power plant remained incomplete including the EMS that was being delivered by Younicos (formally as sub-suppliers to Leclanché)….. At the end of 2017 Leclanche took the difficult decision (with the support of Graciolica Lda) to terminate Younicos EMS sub-supply agreement. We engaged Greensmith directly to provide the EMS and engaged Tractabel as project managers…

We obtained a further extension from our client and off-take partner (the local utility EDA) to complete the project by the end of 2018. We invested in excess of an additional EUR 4m (on top of the EUR 25m already invested) to replace the EMS, inverters, transformers and related civil works. We greatly appreciate Leclanche’s approach during the last 12 months where there has been significant support required and given to successfully complete the project.

We have been in full testing and commissioning phase since September this year. Final tests are under way and scheduled to complete on 19 December where after the plant will enter into commercial operations under the 20+5 year power purchase agreement between ourselves and EDA….”

Cremzow 1 & 2 Projects


Cremzow 1 COD:
June 2018

Cremzow 2 COD:
Dec-2018 / Jan-2019

  • Primary control reserve serving the German and European market
  • Industry-leading project design combining the high-quality Lithium-GNMC battery system with compact, safety-focused footprint
  • Complete turn-key EPC contractor role with transfer at COD
  • Total of 7 months for construction/commissioning period
  • Project was fully developed by Leclanché and acquired by Enel Green Power

CS Ellwood


COD: Dec-2018

  • Project: Ellwood Project
  • Location: Ottawa, Canada
  • Size: 2 MW / 5 MWh
  • Application: Grid ancillary services
  • Status: Leclanche installation complete
  • COD: Q4 2018
  • Scope: Battery system & control systems
  • Controls: Leclanche EMS

IESO Basin 1 & 2 Projects

Toronto, Canada

COD: Mar-2019

  • Project: Basin 1 / Basin 2
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Size: 27.6 MW / 12.0 MWh
  • Application: Grid ancillary services
  • Status: Construction complete / In testing
  • COD: Phase 1: Q1/2019
  • Scope: Turn-key EPC contract
  • Controls: Third-Party – Greensmith

SWB Project, 15 MWh

Bremen, Germany

Commissioned & Approved

  • Primary control reserve serving the German and European market
  • Industry-leading project design combining the high-quality Lithium-GNMC battery system with compact, safety-focused footprint
  • Owned by utility (SWB) as benchmark project on grid

Case Study

Our reference customers in
Specialty Battery Systems markets

Custom designed low-voltage battery systems for stationary and motive applications

Robotics: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Autonomous Vehicles/ Machines

Battery systems integrated with smart chargers and feet management software

mobile robotics