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e-Transport Solutions

Leclanché's e-Transport solutions power the electrification of transport in the form of efficient and reliable energy storage solutions at a time when the transport industry is under pressure to use green technology to reduce harmful carbon and NOx emissions. The high energy and life long performance attributes of Leclanché’s lithium-ion cells are at the heart of optimising fleet vehicles of all sizes and reduce cost of ownership for fleet vehicles operators.

At Leclanché, our high performance G-NMC & LTO lithium-ion cells are designed and manufactured in-house in Europe, thereby ensuring the most stringent quality standards are maintained. We integrate our cells into a wide variety of module configurations, depending on customer needs. Modules are fitted into robust packs together with our dedicated battery management systems, along with air or water-cooling systems as required.

We pride ourselves in being a total energy system solutions provider, capable of delivering fully self-contained energy storage systems suitable for all transport sector applications.

To find out more about some of our reference projects click here.

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Watch the video below about our e-Transport solutions.